Hi there! My name is Michael Del Plato, and I'm a photographer and editor based in northern New Jersey. Since I was young I've always had an affinity for light and color, and that led me to pursue graphic design at Wood Tobe-Coburn in New York City. During my studies, I discovered my passion for photography, and over the past ten years, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with other photographers and models.

My photography style is all about finding beauty in everyday moments and unexpected places. I strive to capture the essence of each moment, presenting it in a way that encourages viewers to see the world through fresh eyes. My goal is to create emotionally engaging photos that evoke feelings of hope, nostalgia, and a sense of wanderlust. Each image is a unique snapshot of a single moment in time, providing an intimate glimpse into the beauty of our world.

In 2022, I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking from Montclair State University, where I refined my storytelling skills and fell in love with the challenge of video editing. There's something truly magical about taking a collection of disparate shots and turning them into a cohesive story. It's like putting together a puzzle, finding the perfect pieces to create a narrative that resonates with viewers. Whether I'm working on a short film, a documentary, or a commercial project, my goal is always the same: to create something that moves people, that makes them feel something.

I'm always striving to create work that is both beautiful and meaningful, and that connects with people on a deep, emotional level. Working with me, you'll find that I'm a fun and easygoing person who is passionate about what I do. If you're searching for a visual artist who can bring your project to life and create something truly amazing, then look no further. Let's work together to make something great!

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